Product Description
Different from the general "coffee robot",
Coffee Master is based on millions of data-level visual training,
30,000 hours of double-arm training, 3,000 hours of AI learning,

Precise action refinement,
perfectly reappear coffee master brewing techniques,
Truely Realizing "robot" coffee,
With the advantages of bionic shape design,
It quickly landed around the world and became an eye-catching artifact in exhibition halls, retail, smart parks and other scenarios。
Different from the general "coffee robot", Coffee Master is based on millions of data-level visual training, 30,000 hours of double-arm training, and 3,000 hours of AI learning,
Precise action extraction, perfect restoration of coffee master brewing techniques, truly "robot" coffee,
Accompanied by the advantages of bionic shape design, it quickly landed around the world and became an eye-catching artifact in exhibition halls, retail, smart parks and other scenes.
Coffee Robot Smart Coffee Master
Coffee Robot Smart Coffee Master
Color Indicator
24-hour display of the machine working status
Mechanical Gripper
The grasping force and distance can be adjusted according to the grasped object, the grasping is accurate, and the stability of high-quality beverages production can be ensured
Depth Camera
RGB camera, real-time feedback, real-time monitoring of the status of both arms, beverage production status, intelligent compensation, to ensure the safe operation of the robotic arms
Six-Axis Robotic Arm
It can support complex brewing actions and reliably execute every step of the action to ensure the taste of the drink
Rear aluminum alloy emergency stop button
Lightly press to trigger emergency braking, cooperate with anti-collision detection, electronic boudary, etc. to ensure full safety
Accessories (for CoffeeMaster) Accessories (for CoffeeMaster)
Smart Coffee Accessories
  • 01. Imported single-head grinder
  • 02. Operating table top (ash wood)
  • 03. Beverage making system
  • 04. Special utensils
  • 05. Fine coffee bean set
Accessories (for CoffeeMaster)

Special Features

Sub-millimeter level Icon

Sub-millimeter-level stability, small detail, large advance

30,000 hours of testing
Reset accuracy of 0.1mm
Million data-level vision capabilities
Double-arm test for more than 30,000 hours, using high-performance harmonic reducer, with extremely high repetition accuracy, accurate reappearance of Archimedes curve, spiral pouring and other hand brewing coffee actions, and the reset error can be accurate to 0.1mm. Millions of data-level visual training, coffee grind recognition is precise to granular, and the chest camera can recognize all the details of the operating table. Reappear every action of the barista to ensure the quality of every cup of hand brewed coffee.
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3 times the human efficiency; "One robot" equals "one store"

Covering an area of​3-4 square meters
Working 7*24
500 cups of coffee in a single day
Your exclusive barista occupies only 3 square meters, which is 50% of the traditional storefront. It can work 7x24 hours without rest. It has a customizable end effector, perfectly adapted to mechanical grippers, and one machine can complete various actions such as grabbing coffee server and brewing coffee. 500 cups of hand-drip coffee can be made in a single day, and the cost can be recovered in a few months.
Smart Obstacle Avoidance Icon

Bionic Appearance, "Hard" Strength

Bionic Design
Top Carbon Fiber
Lightweight and strong
Bionic dual-arm robot, pearl white streamline design, full of affinity, the light and hard arms are made of piano paint and top carbon fiber, the body shell is made of German imported high-grade resin, with light weight and high strength, which is easy to be cleaned and not easy to deform, the tabletop material can be made of high-standard solid wood material, being noble and elegant.
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4-fold safety protection, more efficient and more secure

Anti-collision detection mechanism
Electronic security boundary
Wide-angle visual monitoring
Double emergency stop buttons
Perfect mechanical arm collision detection mechanism, custom body collision force detection, electronic safety boundary setting, high-precision camera real-time observation of the drink making status, fully open workbench, 360° viewing of the drink making process, equipped with double emergency stop buttons, 4-fold safety protection to ensure safe use.
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Rapid deployment makes the scene and the product perfectly fit

Professional team
8-hour deployment
Simple and convenient
Professional deployment team, engineer on-site guidance, simple and convenient installation and deployment, can be quickly put into use after 8 hours of deployment。
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Full service to make customers more satisfied

National city coverage
Single day deployment
1 year warranty
Covering 20 cities across the country, it can be quickly put into use after 8 hours of deployment. 1 year warranty. Online after-sales responses in 10 minutes.

Application Scenes

Office Building
Office Building
Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall
Smart Par
Smart Park
Office Building Retail Boardroom Exhibition Hall Smart Park
Office Building
Exhibition Hall
Smart Park


Product Item Standard Full-Auto Self-Service Coffee Station
Robot Parameter Size(L*W*H) 2500*1200*1900mm
Weight 260kg 270kg 300kg
Gripper Type Parallel Gripper End Vision Gripper
Grinder Fixed AmountSingle Head Grinder (Quantitative grinding) UpgradedSingle Head Grinder (Quantitative Grinding, Destaticizing)
Coffee ServerStorage Rack No Self-Cleaning Upgraded Coffee ServerSelf-Cleaning Upgraded RFID Paper CupInduction Bracket
Container Hand Drip Pot 1L、Coffee Server 300ml Dedicated Smart Coffee Cup
Single pot of coffeeProducing time 3-4min
Brewing Mode Classic Hand Drip
Input Voltage AC 220V
Rated Power 6500W
Certification Information CR Certificate
Automatic Identification System - RFD
Automatic Filter Paper Storage Bin - Able to store 60 sheets of filter paper
Speaker Commentary -
Smart Coffee Station Parameters Size(L*W*H) Standard, Full-AutoExcluding smart coffee stations and self-service containers 600*600*2000mm
Weight 110kg
Occupied Area 0.4㎡
Self-Service TypeVolume of Container 100 coffee cups,436L436L
Refrigeration Temperature Range 1℃-24℃
Recognition Method Vision Recognitio+Gravity Sensor
Payment Method WeChat
Input Voltage AC 220V
Rated Power 200W
Product Name Columbia Dumbo
Washed Coffee Beans
Sumatra Mandheling(G1) Shizhuxi High Mountain
Water Washed Hand Drip Coffee Bean
Yunnan Atute Manor
Sweet Wine Natural Sundried
Ethiopia Kayon Mountain
Natural Sundried
Coffee Bean Parameter Coffee Bean Varieties Typica/Bourbon/Caturra Arabica Catimor Arabica
Country of Origin Columbia Indonesia Yunnan China Ethiopia
Planting Altitude 1200-2000m 1300m 1600m 1600-1700m 1900-2000m
Processing Method Wash Semi-Wash Wash Honey Process/Natural Process Natural Process On High Shelf
Degree of Roast Medium Dark Roast Medium Roast
Acidity 0.5 1.5
Sweetness 3.5 4 4.5 4
Strength 5 4.5 4 4.5 3.5
Aftertaste 4.5 4 4.5
Flavor Drupe flavor, vanilla, chocolate, caramel flavor, sweet and rich Round taste with unique lanceolate aroma Brown sugar, nuts, chocolate, cream, tobacco, honey flavor Brown sugar, nuts, rum, green apple, hawthorn, sweet cream, black tea, hazelnut Blueberry, mango, caramel, strawberry, passion fruit
Product Specification 227g/0.5lb